Friday, October 14, 2016


If you have wondered around the web much lately, especially blog sites, you may notice some of the things that I have. A lack of simplicity. I love to search for information, pictures, ideas...but in my search, I am bombarded with adds, pop ups, what ever you want to name here. I personally call it web junk. I don't want to wait forever and a day for a simple article to pull up. I don't want to click through multiple arrows just the advance one picture or paragraph at a time. All the while doing so, my computer, phone, tablet trying to lock down because the sites are over loading it. I guess that is why I have not posted much lately to this blog. I became overwhelmed thinking maybe I should be these gidgets and gadgets to my site. But how?

Decision made. I will just keep it simple. Not much in life is simple anymore. I can at least keep this as simple or convoluted as I want. I am probably the only one coming back here to look at my pictures and books anyway. :)

So, I will restart on my book review journey. It won't matter what type of book I read, I will post a review if only to refresh my memory of those books read. I will venture out and post any sort of thing that I might think helpful or enjoyable, if only for myself.

A picturesque hide-a-way to go read my books and forget about my chores.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

No other will do...Karen Witemeyer

Yes, yes yes!! Karen Witemeyer has done it again! I just love this author and I wait oh so patiently, not, for her next books. From beginning to end, she holds my attention.

We begin our journey with a young man that has seen the unpleasant side of life. His angel of mercy rescues him, and her aunts say that she can keep him. Got to love it! He discovers that value of family only to have to abandon the only true family he has come to know and love, but they have instilled some very important values in him and made an everlasting impression on his life.

When his angel of mercy calls upon him a decade later in a desperate time of need, he does not hesitate, he heeds her call. She is fighting for her life and her dream and trust no other to help her.

The danger continually escalates with each passing incident. With each passing day and time spent together the sweet, lovable connection and need for one another grows even though neither want to admit their growing feelings for the other.

Ms Witemeyer has brought about a well rounded book that brings in compassion, understanding, Godly values, history, humor, excitement, tension, everything. There weren't any dull moments of predictability or lulls. She keeps you on your toes as everything seamlessly falls together. She hooks you from the beginning and you are on for the ride. Wonderfully explosive characters balanced well with the more sedate ones. A God given talent.

Wonderfully written and will read it and others again.

I was granted permission to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion. What a privilege!

Playing By Heart

A book after my own heart. I love music and I myself play the guitar and I played basketball in school. Granted, I was not the best basketball player, but I put my heart into it.

The story line between the two main characters could be tense in a way that you wanted to keep reading to see the outcome; an unexpected love between two people.

Lulu really grew in personality and spiritually by taking on a task she knew nothing about.

Great book and will read more from this author.

I was granted permission to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion by the publisher. Thank you for allowing me to read and review this book!


The elusive Lucetta ... in Playing the Part

I have loved Jen Turano's books from ay one. I was ecstatic to see the new book available. The elusive Lucetta gets her own story. As much as I liked the book, it seemed to fall short of what I had expected. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book, it's just that a lot of the plot lines in the book were very predictable if you have read the other two books in this series. The laugh out loud humor is still there which makes the book very enjoyable!

All your favorite characters from the previous books in the series make an appearance, plus some new faces. Add in a goat, some dogs, and cannon happy cohorts and you have the makings of an enjoyable book in your hands.

I was granted permission to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion by the publisher. Thank you for allowing me to read and review this book!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Worthy Pursuit by Karen Witemeyer

It is hard for Charlotte to trust. No wonder, all things steady in her life are ripped away each time. Her loving, dotting father, gone. The thought to be love of her life, gone. Her job that she is devoted to and loves dearly, gone. The one and only constant in her life, God.

Charlotte becomes the mother hen of some very exceptional children, will fiercely protect them. Her helper Dobson will protect them all, especially from an intruder that has intentions of taking the daughter that Charlotte thought she would never have. What will she do to stop him? Charlotte has some decisions to make quickly before her nest falls apart.

Stone is like a hound dog, hot on the trail of a would be kidnapper. What right did the kidnapper have of making off with his clients granddaughter in the middle of the night. They have disappeared without a trace. But what Stone sets out to retrieve, he always finds and brings home.

It will take more than brawn and a sure shot to wrap this job up. Stone will have to use his quick wits to assess the situation before everything quickly rolls out of control. He will battle it out physically, mentally and spiritually to set things right in the end.

I truly enjoyed Karen Witemeyer's book, A Worth Pursuit. Two people who thought they had their life in order will soon discover that God has other plans. Time to ruffle a few feathers and get some dander up because Karen has wrote another wonderful story.

Monday, June 1, 2015

End of Year Teacher Gift


 My son is about to finish up the third grade. My how time flies. Seems like he just began and here he is at the end. If only I had a picture memory to record everything and replay later. He loves his teacher this year and I wanted to do something special. I came across an M&M tribute that I really liked at the Two Silly Monkeys website found here:

On the Two Silly Monkey's site linked above is a printable version of the poem.
I have included it below. If you use the printable below, please go back and thank the silly monkey that provided it. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund

Very interesting book. The book started with a bang. Pirates aboard the ship stealing what they can and setting it on fire. As soon as Emma is on shore she makes herself busy. Not only was she busy, but God was too. Working as he always does, for coming to shore in a row boat was an answer to an unspoken prayer. A sweet love story ensued with a man recognizing with wife's need before she said a word. He teaches her so many things.

I like how there was an underlying mystery to who Patrick was in his past life and what he had overcome. He had to rely on God to lead the way. He spend many hours in the lighthouse talking with God.

I wanted to string up the Biddy that was nothing more than a gossip and only out to hurt others.


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