Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up Coming Veterans Day

A “Veteran” — whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve — is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to, and including his life.” Unknown Author

There are people today that are veterans in their own right; the veteran doctor, the veteran politician, the veteran worker. But mainly when speaking of veterans I think of those that have fought to keep this country by the, Grace of God, standing firm and free whether they were drafted in or volunteered.

From the beginning of time, it seems there have been wars of every kind imaginable. To me it is almost as if the veterans of our country are like our earthly angels. They are out there fighting an unseen force for me just as the Heaven Host of Angels do. Members of the Armed Services don’t know me just as I don’t know them, but they continue to fight for me and everyone that live in this country. They fight so that we may live life as we know it. I am blessed by my Heavenly Father above to have been born in this country that was founded under the belief of the one true God where I was able to be taken to church to hear the Word of God from the time of a wee babe.

Those that have been, are currently, or will be in the armed services fight daily for our spiritual and physical freedom. Whether that person gave their life, fought for their life, or worked as the support system for the members of their team and members of this country, they have served honorably; just as we serve honorably when we truly serve our Lord.

We may be on the front line; chosen to take on the role as leaders in Gods army by taking his commands and leading those teams into spiritual battle with the knowledge that with Gods protection as our battle shields, all things are possible when we follow his direction. Then there is the second line of defense; those that help keep things going such as deacons, officers, and teachers. There is that all important support system that every army needs. Those of the congregation that have been on the front line, have been on the second line of defense, or are new to the battle; you take on the role of prayer warrior, encourager, helper, etc.

Because of our US Veterans, we are able to serve our Lord more freely than those that live elsewhere. Have you ever stopped to think just how blessed we are? Not just living in the US, but living in the US and believers in God? Wow, just stepping back to reflect and think about all that I have heard, seen, and read about of those in the world around us truly makes me Thankful, especially in a month designated for giving Thanks, to live here with the United States Armed Forces and God’s army fighting for and with me.

Thank you each and every one that has served, are serving, and will serve for the United States and Our Lord.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of Control

Ever feel like you are out of control? One minute everything seems calm and serene...then you wake up. Literally, the alarm clock goes off and the day begins. I talk with the Lord as I get ready in the mornings. Some mornings and day go great. Others, not so great. Then there are the diaster days when everything is upside down. That is where I am right now. Asking the Lord to help get me back on my feet and lead my day.

Love being that calm, peaceful, serene person that is happy-go-lucky with a constant smile on my face. I struggle to get there anymore. But with the Lord's help I will make it through.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


There are times in life when you just take a moment to sit back and reflect.

The big question is what do you see? I see a beautiful life filled with many moments. Whether those moments be good or bad, it is what makes me who I am. As I sit looking a a picture of my son, I wonder where the time has gone. At only four years old, it seems like he has been with us forever but also a very short time. Before his fifth birthday, Lord willing, there will be another child in the house. No matter how much I love my husband, he does not have to share my love for him with our son. The love for the child is just in addition to my love for hubby. I expect the same will be true for child number two. I am just building additional rooms onto my heart to house all of that love. First and foremost though...the Lord has rule over all of my heart.
The keys that the Lord holds just makes it easier to build on to my heart

With fall coming it is a time for reflection and Thanksgiving. I am thankful everyday my family, the roof over my head and all of my NEEDS taken care of. Like I remind my kids in Sunday School; we all have wants, it is those things that we need that the Lord provides. What has he provided for you today?


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