Monday, December 19, 2011

A Wedding Invitation by Alice Wiser

A Wedding Invitation
by Alice Wiser

Ever been in the wrong place by an honest mistake? That is what happened to Samantha. She got an invitation to a wedding thinking it was from her old friend, come to discover that she did not even know the couple. Me myself, I would have turned around and walked out. Not Samantha, she hung in there. While there she has a chance encounter that leads to the one person she always loved...The rekindled friendship takes a while on both sides, but finally blossoms.

This books is a bit of a slow read, and not my normal type of book. All in all it was a good book.

Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Santa is still alive and well

The Santa Shop (The Santa Conspiracy) - by: Tim Greaton

Many have long given up on Santa. To know that he is alive and well in each us is a treasure. I wish for others that get in the state of mind that this character did that there would be someone to come along and given the direction that was needed. Just goes to show that God can place the right people in your life at just the right time. Others affect our life but we in turn affect those we encounter. Pays to be on your toes and be mindful of what you say and do. You just might be the angel or "Santa" or even the wake up call that someone needs.

How many times do we see someone in need and pass them by. Does that bother you? It does me. Or when you hear of someone in need and life gets so busy that you forget? I can raise my hand to that one as well. I need to be more mindful of life around me. I might just be someone's angle in waiting and don't know it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The phone, the phone is ringing...

Love on the Line
by Deeanne Gist

I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

Over all, this was a good book. I did expect more dialog of the spiritual context, but Love on the Line did have a good story line.

From the books that I have read of Deeanne Gist, she is an engaging writer. She does the research and it shows. From Operating a telephone switchboard, Rangers and Train Robbers to birds and their habitats, Gist has it covered.

It was fun to read and learn about the operation of the switchboard and party lines. I can remember my mom talking about listening in on other conversation and hearing the clicks of people listening in. I loved it when Georgie puts the nosy listeners in their place.

Quite a bit of excitment in this book! Train robberys that make the gang leader sound like Robin Hood. Shooting down telephone lines. The burning of the town ladies contest hats. Hilarious at the part of the guys reactions to a lady not trained in gun use keeping an eye on them.

Even though the startling blue eyes mid way through the book gave the ending away. Still fun to see how it all panned out.

Interesting to learn more about the birds. So many times we don't pay attention to the world around us. Miss Georgie reminds us to slow down and pay attention to the world and wonder that God has given us.

*I received this book from Bethany Publishing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Karen Witemeyer

I love to find exceptional authors. If you are in need of a spiritual, romantic comedy; then pick up a Karen Witemeyer book.

I have actually laughed out loud at some of the passages in all of Karen Witemeyers' books. Imagine falling through a rotten step and not screaming for help but politely asking for it. Challenging someone to keep up with you in a calistenics routine. Hannah stands up for herself in this book and thinks of creative ways to get her business noticed and helps a new friend learn to like herself. She has learned to trust God to lead the way and take care of her. She also helps handsome JT open his eyes. Well worth reading.

We have all read about the Knights in Shining Armor. Waiting for that one person to sweep you off their feet. But, would you go chasing after the one that you "thought" was meant for you. The lady in this book did and was she surprised to discover that he was already married and had been toying with her affections. Tyring to figure a way out of the mess that she has gotten herself into, she relies on God and answers an ad in the paper.
The imagination this lady has is thrilling. I love the scene of clearing and cleaning the attic. Hilarious!! How you can fiercely protect a child that is not of your own blood. Astounding.

This one touched my heart in many ways. To realize how many different kinds of words it takes to have a conversation and not use words with the letter "s". Amazing.This fellow is not uneducated by any means, he is actually we read. Beautiful story. Easy to see that how when you keep your promise to God, he will keep his promise to you.

Early Morning Haircut

Wouldn't you know it. Today is picture day at school. Guess who needed a haircut? The Kindergarten. Guess who forgot to cut it last night. The Mom.

I was pleasantly surprised that he did not put up a fuss about having it cut at 6 o'clock in the morning. He looks SO much better, just in time for picture day.

I am going to have to purchase a new clipper set. I believe the ones that we have are worn out. Evidently they are pulling some of the hair and breaking it rather than cutting it. Every little bit he was cringing and saying, "Ow, ow, ow..." Well this must have been hilarious for a 5 month old baby to witness. She just kept laughing. Of course anything that her big brother does is funny to her.

What was funny to me was him telling her to stop laughing that it wasn't funny and then he got tickled at her.

What a way to start a morning!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A free book from Julie Lessman.

Want a great book to read? Try out Julie Lessman. She is fantastic. I love christian fiction, especially the romance ones even though I have read a wide gamut of books. Julie Lessman is a passionate author. The best thing about her, the passion is for the Lord first and foremost. If you love the Lord with as much passion as he loves you, then you love those in your life.
A Hope Undaunted, book 1 in the Winds of Change series is FREE for download almost everywhere, and you do NOT need a Kindle, Nook or e-reader to download it — you can download e-books on ANYTHING, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Cloud Readers, Androids, Blackberrys and Windows Phone 7, you name it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A love of books

If anyone knows me at all, they know I LOVE to read. I love to read my bible, I love to read christian fiction, and I love to read to my children. I am forever visiting the in the Christian Fiction section at the library. Granted there are some authors I have yet to check out.

My beloved husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas! How excited was I!!! With the free preview books at Amazon, I have discovered a vast array of new authors that my library did not have. I have discovered intriguing books of Karen Witemeyer, Lorna Seilstad, Diana Taylor and many more.

As I get a moment, I will start reviewing the books that I have come to love and find great joy in.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doing Better

The little lady did have a ear infection. Bless her heart.

I got her to the doctor on Friday with a temp of 101.7 and they confirmed my suspicions. Now if we could just get her to take the medicine! The little sugar bug will work every bit of the medicine out of her mouth. She has an uncanny knack for that. Mama's have their sneaky ways though for getting the needed medicine in to help their babies feel better.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Four-Wheelers in the Bible

We are learning the books of the Bible. Starting off with the first five. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. I remember that as a child I learned the books through a song. Heaven help me though I could not remember the tune. So I started searching the net and came across where you sing the books to the tune of the Ten Little Indians.

So... while riding in the truck, I was trying to teach him the first part of the song with those five books that he was supposed to learn. He was getting it! For some reason, he loves to say Deuteronomy. I think it is because it is harder to say and it just stuck with him. Too cute!

Anyhoo, back to the Four-Wheeler in the Bible. While going through the song, he stops me and asked in all seriousness, "Mom, where is the four-wheeler in the Bible. God did make the four-wheeler didn't he?" I just smiled and told him that "He sure did, it is called the Camel, and it was and is one of God's first four-wheelers." You should have seen his eyes.

Wonder what he told his friends at school the next day?

Long Night

Just when you think that your newborn baby is finished with the waking up in the middle of the night, think again. Bless her heart, either we are dealing with teething or an ear infection I am afraid. Fussy with a low grade fever. She must feel comforted by just being near someone, because the moment you put her down, oh boy! This brings back all of those sleepless nights of her brother when he was that age. I just pray to the Dear Lord that it is not an ear infection.

Hopefully tonight, we can both catch some zzzz's!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip to the Dentist

You know they say "Out of the mouth of Babes." My 5 year old can make me laugh like no other sometimes. Today on our way to the Dentist, which is an hours drive, he decides he needs to go to the bathroom. I keep telling him that he is just going to have to wait because I knew that he went before we left the house. Lo and behold we run into road construction. At that point the frustration level starts to rise because you want to make it to the dentist in time for the appointment and you have a child that says he needs to go to the bathroom.

Would you believe there sat a Port-a-John in the median?! Now, my son knows what those are. Just so happens that we have to stop at a Stop Light and that puts us right beside the Port-A-John. He sees it first thing and I hear, "Mom, if you will let me out, I will go to the bathroom over there and be back before the light changes." This child misses Nothing!

Friday, August 26, 2011

PB & J

Thank goodness for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! If it were not for the school cafeteria oftering these sandwiches as an alternative to the regular lunch menu, my child would probably starve throughout the day. As much as I try to vary his palette for food, he remain steadfast in his choice of foods that he will eat.

I wonder if I showed him how peanut butter was made, :), if he would change his mind. HAHA.

I love my child!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Now I am starting to feel the age coming on. When I look at my son and he is unaware, I wonder where the time has gone in the last five years. He is looking so grown up and I know that he will only continue to grow more each day. Watching him walk into the Kindergarten class on Wednesday without even turning around for a hug was a moment to remember. He may not have needed a hug, but I did! I just left him alone. I did not want to make a scene just because I did not get the hug that wanted. I am just happy that he felt secure enough in the surroundings to not be upset.

We just try to raise him the way that we feel the Lord wants us to. The bible says in Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. That is what are trying to do. We want him to be able to be a child, but he can also be a role model to those around him.

Bringing home the baby just made me realize how big he had become. To us he was still small, but with someone smaller in the house made him look that much bigger.

Baby girl is growing more each day. She is so much fun to watch. She has started laughing and squealing and trying to roll over. I know that she will be another little comedian in the house!


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