Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Gripping Story!

Runaway Choices

I loved the book!!! Very gripping. Reminded me a lot of Dan Brown's writing. The treasure is in us when start looking for it. Talk about a crazy adventure for someone that trust No one. Beck is running. Not for her life in the beginning of the book just running from life itself. Then a strange encounter on a plane to London changes everything. Now there are more choices to be made. There are people to meet, places to go and having to run for her life from a SuperHuman "McCreepy" and meeting a trustworthy companion on the way. Makes you wonder what your purpose is here in life. How do your choices affect others? In what way? Does your life and the way you live it help or hinder those around you?

Cowboy Boot Wedding!

I have been slack in my reviewing books. I have got to get better at this! I love reading! I just keep going without thinking about reviewing. Guess I better get starting. What better way to keep up with what I have read than to review it.

Bella takes on the responsibility of her parents wedding business. They have retired and decided to give the business over to Bella. To change things up and revive the business, she decides to try themed weddings. Her first wedding is a boot scoot'n country wedding with cowboy boots as the centerpieces. There is only one problem, Bella is full blown Itailan and her family has only ever done traditional weddings. She is at a loss of what to do with a cowboy theme. In need of a DeeJay to play the requested country songs for the wedding, she is thrilled when she over hears a phone conversation about DJ. DJ turns out to be in construction, but loves country music.

Oh at the situations and predicaments this girl gets into. Her family is delightful in a crazy way and DJ's family has their on spin. Throw in a crazy mobster bird and the Pizzaria Uncle and you have a romantic comedy.

Worth reading just to see what happens next.


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