Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fairy Tale Come to Life?

God has answered Mona Reynolds's prayers and dreams of opening a coffee/bookstore, giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. With the purchase of an old Victorian home, Footstep of Heaven (I love that name for a bookstore) is about to open for business.

Mona is stubborn, determined, and financially decides to do all of the work herself. She soon realizes that she is going to need a handyman to help her in order to get it ready for the opening of tourist season in 6 weeks. Now Mona has no time for love and no hope that a man can ever be the hero of her dreams, Jonah, a character in her favorite author’s books. But when she hires mysterious drifter Joe Michaels to be her handyman. Joe has been wandering around for most of his life. He has come to Deep Haven to visit his brother that he hasn’t seen in years. Joe has many interesting secrets. 


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