Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adoring Addie

This second book in The Courtships of Lancaster County by Leslie Gould was a good book. The only thing is that for some reason, it seemed I was spinning my wheels and getting no where for a while. I had to make myself keep reading. Then all of the sudden, here we go. Now we are getting some where.

I did like that this story of amish took a different spin from most of the amish books I have read. I have seem books that tell the lighter side of this culture. This book seems to dig deeper and show the possibility that all is really not well in their society. They may have trouble with their teens. Some teens are wilder than others, some more meek. It still goes to show that human nature still takes place no matter who we are. This story implicates resentment and grudges, depression, and the need to honor and obey.

No matter what we think of ourselves, or believe what others think about us, Ms Gould's reminds us that we are precious in Him sight. He created us, so why would he not love us deeply. He longs for us to return that love.

For my honest opinion, the publisher was kind enough to provide a copy of this ebook.

The Biggest and Toughest

Who is the biggest and toughest of all? God, that's who, and He can use you!

Just had to do that.

Same as with Daniel for Lunch, I liked the easy of reading this book out loud and the fun illustrations even if they were a bit out of proportion. Goliath and those huge arms and small knobby knee legs. So cute! Not often do you find signs that point to the war either.

It could have been more specfic about the number of stones that David picked up. That is one thing that caught my attention as I read through. The Bible states that David chose 5 smooth stones from the brook that day. I don't know that I would want to meet up with a Giant with only 5 stones. But, little David had all the faith in God that he needed.

Good book. I would use with my own kids and in Sunday School.

I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Daniel for Lunch

I would recommend this book about Daniel and the Lion Den from Mr. Kelly Pulley. I co-teach Sunday School for 2-5 year olds and I think this would capture and hold their attention quiet well. Changing this up a bit seems to grab their attention, and this just might do it.

The rhyming of the story makes it easy to read along and add feeling to. That along with the quirky illustrations make it fun. It can be hard to find bible stories for kids to understand that still follow closely along, but I would feel comfortable to use this one in class.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to find a good book for class.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Heart's Journey

In Book #2 of the Stitches in Time Series, The Heart's Journey, by Barbara Cameron, Naomi is engaged to be married to John. After falling for the charmer and spending more and more time with him rather than her family and friends, she soon realizes that even though they are now engaged to be married, John is very controlling. Even to the point of hurting Naomi when she does not do as he wants her to. He is forever coming by where she works at to make sure she is where she is supposed to be. Naomi, afraid to say anything, hides how she feels and what is happening.

Naomi is the quilter in the craft store that her Grandma Leah owns. It is winter and Leah has become depressed thinking about the cold months ahead and how warm it is in Florida where her friend lives. Leah is thinking of going to visit her friend in Florida. Before she can get there, she falls and sprains her foot.

Leah decides that now is the time to go to Florida even if she is on crutches. Nick, who is their english driver who transports them to and from work, just so happens to be there when Leah decides. He finds himself volunteering to drive her to Florida and take a vacation too. Naomi up and decides that she will go with her grandmother too to help her.

Controlling John doesn't want Naomi to go, but she goes anyway.

So, Grandmother Leah, Naomi, and Nick journey to Florida. Naomi has a decision to make. Does she want to stay in this relationship with John and worry everyday about what life will be like when they are married.

Good book to read. Show that even if you are in a bad relationship, you are still your own person and you can make the decision to get out before it goes to far.


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