Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rags to Riches

I think a lot of our preconceptions of the Titanic have been formed by the movie that became wildly popular. However, Janice has take the facts and spun a different tale.

Queen of Waves by Janice Thompson was well written. She spins a story about a spoiled rich "girl", for all intensive purposes, Jacquie, who is madly in love with the family gardener, Peter. Her father has plans to arrange a marriage for her to wed a wealthy man that will combine the families and further his plans for the future. Mommy dearest has other plans thinking that she will help her daughter by shipping her off to grandma's in American. Just so happens that the maiden voyage of the Titanic is about to embark for America. Jacquie makes plans of her own to runaway and to marry Peter. He talks Jacquie into giving her ticket to his sister. There in turn giving her a better life and getting his sister, Tessa, away from their abusive father. Tessa must then learn to take on an identity that is very foreign to her, going from poor to rich. Jacquie's ladies maid, Iris, has to go along for the ride, but has her own purposes for the trip.

Father thinking Jacquie to going to marry the arranged suitor.
Mother shipping Jacquie off to America.
Jacquie to marry Peter.
Peter ships his sister, Tessa, off in Jacquie's place.

To keep up with all that and bring in the historic details of the Titanic and all the backgrounds stories to weave in is a work of art. Not only is that scenario like a twisted maze, Janice brings in Nathan and his story and so many others. Then there were the the little nuggets to read about. Like the photographer, the different port stops, the vendors selling their wares on board the Titanic, and the scheduled but postponed evacuation drill.

Well worth the read.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Does The Shoe Fit?

I know that most girls growing up read all the fairy tales and dream of their prince charming. However, time moves on and the girl grows into a lady and reality sets in. Not all men are prince charming. Some, but not all.

Julianne seems to stuck on a perpetual journey to find her Prince Charming. Everything is a sign. Even a boot and toolbox left in the middle of the road after a dog has been hit and a hunk of a man wisk the said dog to safety. Must be her knight in shining toolbox with boot armor.

Julianne is a lawyer and just opened an agency with her life time best friend Will. Will has secretly loved Julianne since they were kids and lived next door to one another. They even went to law school together.

Julianne, with her obsession of the right man, has a thing for shoes and animals, but not horses. Kind of her to have the "Knight" ride up on a trusty stead when the princess is terrified of the animal.

Will's outlet to get away from stress and life in general is to go riding, on a beloved horse.

I loved the book and the quirky characters. From the swine killer, embezzlement, and a vicious southern bell, this book had a variety of everything.

I did grow frustrated with the fact that they couldn't see something as simple and plain as the nose on their faces. Although, I do like a book that makes me laugh and this one did.

Review via NetGalley for my honest opinion, so there you go.

It Happened at the Fair

The newest book by DeeAnne Gist, in a way, reminds me of the movie, While You Were Sleeping. I don't know why it just does.


The title, It Happened at the Fair gives the location, but, what exactly happened?

Cullen has tinkered for years building and fixing things. His most prized accomplishment is the automatic fire sprinkler. Cullen is soon told that his dad entered him into the World's Fair in Chicago and his invention is accepted. Cullen is horrifyingly allergic to cotton, the very thing that his family farms and harvest. Dad is just trying to give his son a better life. He has begun to have hearing problems and thinks this will impede any progress he could make in selling his invention. Cullen is sullen and doesn't want to go, but he goes anyway.

Della has traveled to the fair with the school for the deaf that she teaches. The children and their style of teach is seemingly on exhibit. I hate to think that children would be used in such a way. They are instructing the kids to read lips as their main way of communicating with the outside world.

These two have a chance meeting the first day of the fair. Della's dad has drove all grades of fear into about men. Cullen has a girl back home waiting for his return.

Cullen discovers that young lady from the first day is the teacher that he is hoping to talk into giving him lip reading lessons.

There is a whole gamut of issues that this book deals with but Mrs Gist does so in a way to make the reader feel the emotions that she means to evoke.

The description of the fair grounds, exhibits and foods were thrilling. Made me want to go back to this era to discover it all myself.

The ending of the book moved a bit to rapidly for me. She needed to slow down a bit and put more detail in certain areas. Why didn't his parents come, how/when did he come to have his grandmother's ring, etc. After all the description of the sights, sounds, people, everything, the ending was rushed.

Still a good book by DeeAnna Gist, just felt like dropping off a ledge in the end.

Received a copy to review by NetGalley for my fair opinion.


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