Friday, June 28, 2013

Harvest of Gold

I can honestly say that Tessa Afshar does her research. She is meticulous. Reading her books always make me dive into my bible and hunt out the stories that she writes about.

The covers of her books are gorgeous!!

Ok, into the book.

Harvest of Rubies was the first book in the tale of Sarah and Darius, if you have not read it yet, I highly suggest you do so before reading Harvest of Gold, because it puts you in place to begin this book.

Sarah and Darius really struggle to find their footing in this book and only through the grace of God, are they able to do so. Nehemiah, Sarah's cousin, plays a huge role in this book.

He leaves his life of opalescence behind to follow God's lead. Being the Kings cupbarer, I guess you could say he led a large life, so long as you didn't drind a poisoned cup. :) It was amazing to see him keep his calm while rebuilding the walls and to bring enthusiams to the people to keep them encourage. Sometimes it took drastic measures but, they got the job done.

Can't wait to read more of her books!

Needs anticipated and met

What do you do when you inherit millions, a mansion, large ranch, an oil company, and a family legacy?

You have a panic attack!!!

Meg inherited a her father had and because she is the oldest and the only, in the Cole family, she is the lead person of the Cole Oil company. She. Doesn't. Want. It.

Along with everything else there is also a thoroughbred racehorse farm, that employees a team of people and is managed by a good looking cowboy named Bo.

When stepping in the office that first day Bo had an idea that Meg would cut lose the ranch, but he wasn't prepared for Meg. He feels the burning need to protect this woman. What from, he doesn't know. When he finds himself falling in love with her, he is determined to love and protect her for the rest of his life. He just has to be carful to keep his feelings hidden, even from her, as long as possible. How is it going to look for him to try to date his boss?

Meg is stressed to the max, she has given Bo six months to close the horse ranch down, but is her heart really in it now that she has met him, his team, the horses and the peace that she feels when she is there.

They have to over come so many things, but when God is in control, there is a way.

Great book. Great read. Undeniably Yours, by Becky Wade.

Someone else had reviewed this book and made a wonderful comment and I feel the same.
"I love the way he anticipates Meg's needs before she tells him, the way he patiently waits for her, and the way that he doesn't stop loving her when things get hard. So Bo has my vote! I found Meg to be a real person. She had flaws and issues and yet she turned to God with each of them and you could see her grow and develop throughout the course of the book."

Graciously allowed permission to reiew this book for an honest opinion, so there you have it.

Truly, what does our future hold?

Light up this world Jesus
I have recently read a book at the request of an associated group of people. Have you heard of it? Trinity Eight - The Calling. I can honestly say that I had not.

I must say though, that it makes you wonder what is a head of us. This book written by Rashun David is compelling. Especially when a God given gift is used as it was meant to be and not for ones own gain. She can turn rocks into gold, a shirt into stone, the concrete sidewalk...a lake.

She is searching for others like her, but only when told who to search for and where.

I will say that even though the concept has been thought out, he still needs an editor. The first person point of view flips around to ofter. If the point of view is to be shared by characters, then describe what the other person is doing, saying, etc. Toward the end of the book, the writing took a different view. The author did a section like a narative look back. "If you will remember..." type of thing. A little strange. Felt like I had stepped out of the book and was watching a script being narrated rather that reading the action first hand.

I did like how stories from the bible were brought in. Especially when helping the blind man. That gave me chills. They helped the man and gave God the glory rather than taking it for themselves. Loved it.

Worth the read, only recommendation would be to get an editor or someone to really review the book to provide suggestions before publishing.

Happy reading!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hats off to Julie Lessman

Just had to mentions hats since the book cover has one fabulous hat. (I can just imagine trying to hold that one on on a windy day. :)

As I have mentioned before, Julie Lessman is one of my all time favorite authors. Her newest book, "Love At Any Cost" is no exception. Julie in my opinion is an exceptional author!

Cassidy heads to her aunt and cousins in San Fransisco after a suitor breaks her heart in Texas. Upon arriving in San Fran, a hunk of a man sweeps her off her feet, literally!

Unknowingly, the "feet sweeper" meets up with Cassidy again. He vows to win her heart along with the family money and prestige. She is adament that all they will have is friendship.

Along the way, they win each others hearts. Cassidy has stood strong and kept her faith, love and passion for God first and foremost. Jamie is almost there. Problem is, Jamie has not turned his heart to the Lord. He is still living life his way and has faith only in himself and his abilities. When the world comes crashing down around both of them, how will the story end?

Only when Jamie's sister puts her foot down, figuritively, and stands up to her big brother and makes him see the "the Light" does the story turn around and the reader see that a better outcome in the story might just be possible.

Julie Lessman is outstanding. To be able to write Christian Fiction with good, clean Passion for the Lord, family, and the people in their is a God Given talent.

I honestly think her books will be great reads for young women. Just to show them what God has in store.

When a door closes...He opens another

What kind of "Trouble in Store" has Carol Cox come up with in her new novel?

Let's find out.

When Melanie has her hands full with her young charges, the high spirit male of the group steals away to get into mischief knowing fully that he has been told what to do and not to do. When the gig is up and he is in trouble, he point the finger to his Governess and blames her, Melanie.

Melanie Ross losses her job and has no where to go, no one to turn to. While packing her meager belongings, she pulls out a letter to reread, only to discover that her beloved cousin has offered her all that he owns, which happens to include part ownership in a mercantile store.

What she does not realize that her deceased cousins partner has also passed, leaving all he owns to his widowed nephew.

Melanie arrives on scene to become the fodder for much gossip. Being young, single, and a bonus to that, not bad looking, she immediately receives marriage proposals from the start.

Caleb, the nephew, has been running this store since his uncle passed four months earlier. He resents Melanie showing up trying to rearrange the store and how things run. He decides to either run her off or marry her off as soon as he can.

When odd things start happening and threatening letters continue to appear, they have to figure out what is going on in town before someone else gets hurt. Through it all, their feelings toward one another change.

Carol Cox
 adds the element of mystery to see if you can figure out the culprit to the happenings in the story, then adds a twist. Mrs. Cox also shows how gossip and busy bodies can do much harm and damage in a short amount of time. There were some characters that could have used more description to give you a better feel; over all, well written. I look forward to reading more of Carol Cox's books.

Given permission to read this book in exchange for an honest review and opinion via netgalley.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Into the Whirlwind

Seems to be a fitting description today. Not only for the book by Elizabeth Camden, but for the force of nature that has been taking place lately. Tornadoes in Oklahoma and fires in California. A bit unnerving when I think of that timely book title.

Mollie is known for her fastidious and meticulousness. She is a timely person with a head for books. She inherited her dads company that designs and crafts exquisite watches. But times are getting tight and a miracle, so it would seem, just landed in her lap. The offer to buy her whole, entire, company. Every last morsel, to be sold. The catch, only six days to decide whether to sell, or lose the only buyer they have.

Zack the buyer of those precious watches. He is the lawyer for the retailer that Mollie has done business with for years. She has come into the offices and dealt with Zack for three years, and for three years, Zack has hidden a helpless crush that is has for Mollie.

Only the event of a horrendous fire brings about his feelings for Mollie to the surface and he tells her how he feels. But not before she figures out why they wanted her to sell her company and in such a short time span.

Camden is splendid with the details and descriptions that she puts forth in this book. From explaining the watches and their intricate design to the way the twisted metal of the melted lamppost looked after the fire, she nailed it.

The story itself had a good pacing to it, not too fast, not too slow, and didn't really have holes of time in them like some books do.

For my honest opinion, I was granted permission by the publisher a preview copy of this book from NetGalley.

Blasting off to 2nd grade

Second grade here we come!!
I got my son up to tell him it was the last day of school. With his eyes still closed, he held up his hand and said, "No mom, it is not the last day of school. It is the last day of 1st grade. I still have", while counting off with his fingers, "second grade, third grade, fourth grade..." I just left the room with a smile of my face.
Smart aleck!!  Gets if from his dad.


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