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Kincaid Bride Series

Mary Connealy writes about three brothers, all damaged by an experience they share at a young age.

Out of Control
I have to admit though that I struggled with whether to really like this book or just so so like it. I couldn't connect with the characters as I do in others books.

Main female character, Julia, is obsessed with a cave and the fossils it holds. Rafe drew me in with his story and the horific event that plagues his memory as a child.

I guess in all I just liked the book. To rate it...about 4 stars. I  enjoyed all the other characters enough to move on to the nex book to see if it involved Julia's step-mother and Rafe's brother Ethan.

In Too Deep
This book picks right up with book one. I liked it better than the first one.

Audra does not want to be a burden now that Julia is married. With two small children it would be hard to live on her own though. Rafe suggest that Ethan should marry her so she can be the house keeper at the Kincaid ranch and she will have someone to take care of her. Before either of them have a chance to think they are wed.

I love how the characters interact in this book. I laughed throughout this book and that can make the world of difference when reading. I loved how Ethan and Audra start to care for each other and realize how much they need each other.

They still have to deal with Julia's and Seth's crazy obsession with the cave though. I liked Seth, he makes things interesting and hints of a lady in his life. You get an insight on what might come in the last book of the series.

Over the Edge

Title is fitting for a crazy brother.

When Seth Kincaid found his way home to his brothers, he forgot all about the wife he left behind. Granted, he had been hurt, was medicated but in love. Somewhere along the way he forgot he was married. His wife, Callie, didn't forget though and doesn't take the news too kindly.

Callie tracks Seth down going by the tidbits of information he has told her before he disappeared. Boy, does she have a suprise for him! Seth, being a bit off in the head after all he has encountered in his life has limited or fuzzy memories of what has occurred since he left the Kincaid Ranch. Horrific nightmares occur frequently at the disturbance of all around him. He desperately tries to regain his memories and shake off the dreams that plague him at night.

I just loved his character, how could you not! He wants to win Callie's heart back and her trust.

The trouble that began in book one with Julia's father wraps up in this last book.

As a series, the books got better as they went. Julia is still weirdly obessed with the caves though. Makes you want to say, "Girl, give it a rest!!! Find another hobby."

The Hero's Lot

If you haven't read the first book, Cast of Stones, word of advice, you need to start there. The Hero's Lot by Patrick W. Carr picks up right where the last book trails off. Errol, is wrongly accused and convicted of a minor crime and then is placed under a compulsion to find the, crazy now on the bad side former church leader, Sarin Valon, into the land of Merakh, and kill him.

The journey ahead will not be a easy one. In order for him to even survive, they bring into the picture the man who taught him to use the staff (you really need to read the first book, I promise, it is worth it!) and the very man that will try to kill him. Good thing that last one is under a compulsion of his own to protect and not harm.

Luis and Martin are own a journey of their own, seperate of Errol.

That being said, the chapters focused on the two seperate groups. A chapter would hook you into one story, and the nect thing you know, you are in the story of the other group. A little unsettling to be ripped out of one enthralling story to be thrust into another, but...worth it!

To have the imagination to dream up the different lands and explain the happenings in such detail is truly amazing. I do get a bit confused when starting to read the story. There is all these different officials, weapons, names, countries/regions. You just have to keep reading and learn as you go.
If I were reading this series books back to back, it wouldn't be so bad, but throw in several other books between readings and my poor brain needs a jump start into the world of Errol.

I am ready for the next book...Mr. Carr...can you hear me? Patiently (not so much) waiting....

I received a copy from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. Thank you Bethany House!

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A Most Peculiar Circumstance

 I have read this quirkly little book, but to give it a better review, I feel that I need to read the books in front of this one. I didn't realize when I started it that it was a series. So to be fair, I am going back to the first and reading the series through again. The pre-novella is free. The first book in the series just happens to be on sale at this moment and the third book in the series is scheduled to release soon.

So be on the look out for this gripping review soon.:)

Whoa, whoa is me

I have been in a major slump.

My desire and my time to read has majorly dwindled. I don't know if I haven't found the right book to dive into or what, but I have got to get my mojo back.
I love disappearing into a world of words.
(I don't remember were I found think pic, but I love it)
 I can travel in a book. To different lands and different times. Get away from the troubles of life for a while. Just me and a story.

Could have been me as a small child...always been enthused with books!

I have been without the internet. Talk about withdrawl... So, I have some posting to do now that I seem to be up and running again.
 I have the Kincaid Bride series to post on from Mary Connealy and a few others.
When I have a moment to sit down and concentrate, I will get those up.

A Snow White story with a new twist

This is the first time that I have read any of Melanie Dickerson's work.

The Fairest Beauty  was a re-telling of the fairy tale, Snow White. Melanie puts a twist on the story though. She has cleverly figured out how to separate her tale from the original and go out on her own. Her spin on the seven dwarfs were great. Seemed to be a hodpodge of social outcast.

Melanie Dickerson has talent, and I look forward to reading her other books, to see how she pulls in the scriptures will be interesting. Not to mention a talented cover artist.

Love that cover!!

To be honest, I kept thinking, I know what happens next, why keep reading. But in the end, I am glad I did. I did not know the ending in this book. Nothing played out as I thought it would and the book was enjoyable.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Books of Encouragement and Inspiration

I have a fellow co-worker that sent us an email one day to show us pictures of his grandson. Little did he know that the site that his link took me to would be such a blessing. His daughter-in-law could write a daily devotional with her poetic writing.

What I found in these two books from Barbour Publishing, Inc., reminds me of her word styling.

Whispers of Encouragement is a Journaling book. it gives you a tidbit to think on and an area to write and reflect.

You are Blessed is a more traditional style of a devotional.

For an indepth look into the scriptures, or different insight than you are interperut of the verses, or you just need a pick me up, one of these two books might help. Granted, I would rather have these as actually books. There is something to be said about having an actually devotional in hand. One that I can dog ear, bookmark, make notes, or highlight.

I love the covers of both books, and the pages inside are beautiful. A subtle color that allows the eyes to read easily. Colors and fonts that are meant to encourage and inspire.

Wonderful job.

I would purchase these and give them as gift to a lady in need of an uplift, as a birthday present, or Christmas gift.

Allowed to review by the publisher for an honest evaluation.

Calico Brides

Calico Brides by Darlene Franklin.

This Romancing America book contains four stories in one. We meet the Calico sewing circle, women that take on projects from the Lord to work as missions in the community around them. It doesn't hurt that along the way with them working for the Lord, he blesses them with a love of their life.

These reads are short and sweet. They could be stand alone books, but best kept together.

Book 1 - A Birthday Wish
Gladys feels led to help Mr. Keller. He hardly leaves his house since his wife died and no one seems to visit or take care of the older man. To hear tale of it though, he has enough money to see to his needs, but he has become grouchy over time. Her first venture toward helping him is to decorate his house with baskets of greenery. So much for stealth, all her hammering and banging brings out the inhabitants. This includes a young gentleman and the older, Mr. Keller. The young gentlemen is Haydn, who has come to visit his grandfather. Over time, and an illness that could have easily taken his life, Mr. Keller with the help of Gladys and Hayden, comes out of the grouchy cocoon that he has formed.

Book 2 - Miss Bliss and the Bear
Annie's brother is a soldier and talks about missing the comforts of home. This gives Annie the idea to knit mittens, scarfs and socks for all the soldiers at the nearby fort. The Fort Chaplain, Jeremiah, has become known as the bear. He seems to have issues with women, book doesn't go into a lot of detail. We do know that he doesn't seem to want Annie or the other ladies coming to the fort. He finds that in order to help Annie with her project, he has to go to her house to discuss the specifics and pick up the items.

Book 3 - Buttons for Birdie (Has to be my favorite of them all)
Birdie Landry was a saloon girl. She made the right decision in life and is now a Christian and trying to become more independent. Her life has been hard. Even though she is a new creature in Christ, others still see her for who she was, but she is determined to overcome it all with the Lord's help. She makes her living now from sewing and from eggs her chickens lay. Birdie also wants to help the other girls who are stuck in a life of working at the saloon, just as she did before she was able to break free. She is intent on sewing better, more civilized, dresses for these ladies. They have to have better clothes before they can leave.

Ned owns the merchantile and he buys eggs from Birdie as well as dresses to sell in his store. He tries to figure out any way to help her without making it look as though he is. Ned is the closest thing she has to a "male" friend. My opinion is that he fancies her a bit.

Book 4 - A Blessing for Beau
Beau is a stubborn cowboy who just acquired two nephews and a niece to raise when his sister and her husband died. The community steps in to help build a soddy house for them to live in since the fire destroyed everything. Plus, they bring some food for them to get through the winter with. Problem is, Beau has a lot of pride, but not much money.  He especially does not want "charity" from others and he doesn't want advice in raising his new family. But he is a little out of his league here.

Ruth feels the Lord wants her to help the three orphan Pratt children. Since they stayed with Ruth and her family after the fire, she tends to want to mother them and take care of and provide for their needs.

Good, quick, light read. As with most "all books in one", a lot of in depth details are left out. This is more like four novellas in one book.

Book provided for an honest review.


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