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Longing for Home

My first ever Blog Tour, how exciting!!!

Ok, enough of that now, on to the review.

I was pleased to with the chance to read this book by Sarah M. Eden. This is the first time of reading anything by Sarah Eden, and I can honestly say, I will look for more of her, especially if there is a follow-up to this book. There are some many things left unanswered and inquiring minds (Mine) want to know.

Katie Macauley, a spit-fire of a young woman, has been in servitude since she was the wee age of eight. Due to circumstance best left to the book, she has been working and saving all that she can with the hope of someday returning to her home land of Ireland to make amends with her family. So with an answer to an ad, she places her hope in Hope Springs, Wyoming. With her arrival to this small town, she unknowingly stirs up trouble. Well, actually, trouble stays there and she reignites it all. The moment that she meets her employer, he fires her. The moment she opens her mouth to speak, pink slip, out the door. She does all she can to keep the job, reluctantly Joseph Archers lets her stay. By nightfall though she is out again. Her saving grace for the time being was leaving the fiddle behind. When she goes back to collect it, inspiration, he convinces Mr. Archer to keep in employment.

What was the problem, you ask?  She is Irish. Plain and simple. The town is divided between the Irish and the “Red’s” which are the other settlers to the area. Joseph Archer has managed to stay neutral amongst all the fighting, but when he lets Katie remain in employment, the feud rises again. Katie is spunking and doesn’t back down, she lets you know what she thinks.

In the midst of all this Katie’s heart begins to soften in the fact that she is drawn to two men. She promised herself that is would not happen, but in Hope Springs, things are changing for Katie. Even though she has worked all these years with the intent to go home to Ireland, she can see herself making a home in Wyoming. With two men, two children, and all those in the Irish settlement that love her and in turn for her to love, will the hope in her heart be restored, or will she keep to her plans and return to Ireland?

I liked this one. It was a clean read and overall good. There are many times that I laughed out loud; I love that about a book. I am still torn at the love-triangle theme. This book with all that it entails is  a good set up of another book with the back story details and the semi "cliffhanger" ending. I still want to know what she decides and how it all works out.

Thank you for allowing me permission to read and review this book!!

If you would like to learn more about the author, check out her facebook page at


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Children's Devotional Review

Little Visits at Bedtime
by dD. Mary Manz Simon

What I can say positive about this devotional for kids is that the illustrations are enticing. They bring the eye in as well as the color scheme on the pages.

I myself prefer KJV scripture verses when I read bible verses with my kids. King James children books can be so hard to find. A lot of times, especially when teaching Sunday School, I will write down the KJV bible verse to read along with the story or just read the verse straight from the bible itself.

If anyone knows of KJV story bibles for kids, please let me know!

It may just be me, but some of the tie ins from story to discussing the bible just didn't go hand in hand.

If I had to rate this by 5 stars, I would most likely give it a 3, mainly for the illustrations getting the kids attention. As far as reading to the kids from the book and keeping their attention, not so much.

I was provided this book from the publisher for an honest opinion.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heart of Stone

6625621Heart of Stone: A Novel
by Jill Marie Landis

Description: We meet Laura Foster, a woman with the darkest of pasts, and Reverend Brand McCormick, a man with everything to lose by loving her. Having escaped a life she never chose, Laura Foster is finally living her dream. But even after four years of posing as a respectable widow in Glory, Texas, she is always afraid someone from her past might reveal her true identity.
Believing no man could love her if he knew the truth, Laura tries to resist Brand's courtship. His reputation would be shattered if Laura's former life is discovered. But it's not only Laura's past that threatens to bring him down---it's also his own. As they open their hearts to love and faith, will Laura and Brand find the depth and power of forgiveness from their community?

Who is Laura Foster, she is actually Lovie Lane, an Irish immigrant who live in New Orleans. When her parents died of an illness she and her 3 younger sisters are sent to live with their uncle and his wife. Not have much of their own, they cannot provide for the girls so her uncle sends the 2 younger girls to an orphanage and sells the two older girls, Lovie and her sister Megan to a brothel.

She has to learn to harden her heart against all that is around her. This is no life for someone so young that has lost her whole family. As she gets older, the realization that money will help her in obtaining her dream of moving away and finding her sisters, she continues to do what it takes to make and save enough money to move to a small town in Texas. There, she reinvents herself as Laura Foster, a wealthy widow.

As Laura Foster, she is the most upstanding citizen you will find.Her kindness attracts the attention of the preacher who is a widower. She knows that if everyone knew the minister was courting a former whore he'd be shunned and she can't do that to him or his children despite how much she grows fond of him and his children and they of her.

Will her past be revealed? In turn, will the town's ministers secrets come to light? How will this affect their budding relationship? What will is do to them, each other and the people of the town?

I liked the book. Would read it again and persue in acquiring the other books in the series.

Mystery with Amish Twist

1962291Hide in Plain Sight
by Marta Perry

Book Description:
She couldn't turn her back on her family in their time of need. So when her sister was injured, financial expert Andrea Hampton traded the big city for Amish country to help turn her grandmother's house into an inn.

But life with the Plain People took a treacherous turn when a string of accidents and pranks threatened her family. Someone didn't want the secrets the old house harbored to come to light. Trusting anyone—even the handsome carpenter who seemed so genuine—was a battle for Andrea, but her life depended on her ability to find the truth.

After Andrea's sister was in a horrible accident, she leave her safety and security of her big city job to return to her sisters side. While there, she tries to convince her Gandmother and sister to sell rather than go through with the idea to setup and open up a bed and breakfast. The longer she lingers in this Amish setting the more she puts her job in jepordy.

Andrea's life is in turmoil. With her job hanging in the balance, possibly a little love on the line, and mysterious happenings on the property that seem to point to someone not wanting the B&B to be in operation.

I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the book. It kept me guessing until the end. Made you realize you can't trust everybody. The characters in the book could use a little fleshing out, they were fun to read about but not quiet fully developed. A light and entertaining read. Not quiet what I would consider a five star book, so I would give it four stars.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Longing For Home - Blog Tour

Please look for the upcoming Book Review on August 17th. I will be reveiwing Longing for Home by Sarah M. Eden.

"Twenty-six-year-old Katie Macauley needs to convince the influential Joseph Archer to hold true to his word and keep her on his payroll as his housekeeper—despite her Irish roots. When Joseph agrees to keep Katie as his housekeeper, the feud between the Irish immigrants and frontiersmen in the 1870 Wyoming Territory erupts anew, and Katie becomes the reluctant figurehead of hope for the Irish townsfolk. As the violence escalates throughout the town, Katie must choose between the two men who have been vying for her love—though only one might be able to restore hope to her own heart."

I look forward to you joining me in the reading of this wonderful book. It is available for sale on August 6th, 2013. Get your copy and read along with me.


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