Monday, September 30, 2013

Heaven my home

My heart is heavy today. My grandmother seems to have had a really rough time of things lately. Just last night, she fell and now besides being banged up really bad, she has a broken neck. She is older in years, and I have been blessed to have her still living this long. But what really makes me sad is that she feels useless and that she is in the way. She made that statement that she just wants to go home to see Jesus, her husband and her long gone family members.

 I guess I just want her to stay here as long as I do. But, I know that the Lord has made an appointment for her to meet someday, just as he has made for all of us. It will be one that cannot be cancelled, it cannot be delayed, and it cannot be skipped out on. With the Lord, you will not be able to gloss over things to make everything look fine. He sees all, He knows all, and He knows what you are trying to hide.

I am blessed to know where she will be going when the time of her appointment comes. Just as I know where I will go.

Do you know where you will go? You have an appointment someday. One that cannot be overlooked. Be sure you know the directions and the location.

Helping kids learn to save money

This book really showed to excitement and trouble that it takes to save money. We can't always have what we want. There is the give and take of life in order to achieve a goal. Shanti wanted something in particular and had to save her money for that. It meant not buying her favorite candy, helping her brother with his spelling words, etc. She had to save her allowance and not spend it until she reached her goal of saving money.

Great, colorful illustrations.

Would recommend to parents trying to teach their kids to save money. I like the turning of the the savings jar into the monster jar. That way she was reminded of what she was saving for.

Allowed to read by the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Against the Tide

If you have not read anything by Elizabeth Camden, you really should. There is talent here that we need to spread the word about.

"Against the Tide" is a spin off of "The Lady of Bolton Hill" in which you will have met "Bane" and know a little of his background. In this story, we meet Lydia as a young girl who life was lived on a boat. She loses her family at age nine and must go into an orphange. After turning 18, she has to leave the orphange and make a life for herself. While living the first person of her life on a boat in various regions throughout the world, she picked up several languages. This skills helps her land a prestiges job at the naval yard. Lydia strives for details and organization. Everything just so. She has her quirks, strengths and weaknesses. A particular weakness that she is not even aware of until you read half way through the book. Lydia's life has been a challange in everyway, and there seems to be no end in sight.

We once again meet Alexander Banebridge is this exciting tail. His love an passion for the Lord makes him strive to stamp out the corruption that he had a hand in distributing. He bring Lydia into the fray by having her use her translation skills to search for those that are allowing Opium to be imported into the country. He has finally found someone that he loves, but yet, he cannot bring himself to go any further with that love.

Crisis after crisis, full of suspence and love, heartache and jubulation. If you enjoy a well-written historical romance that is full of suspence, drama, love, and faith, then Against the Tide is a book for you to read. I could not wait until there was a moment that I could pick it back up and read again.

A Rebellious Heart

Every book that I have read by Jody Hedlund, I have enjoyed. Rebellious Heart is no exception. I enjoyed reading this and had a hard time putting it down.

We rediscover a time period. Smuggling in items that the King over prices, a king that treats his people across the ocean horrendously. These people came to America looking for freedom, but seem to be repressed even more.

The story starts off with Benjamin Ross representing the town's hermit for a brutal murder. Susanna Smith remembers him from her childhood; she feels shame for their last parting words. After encountering one another at her grandmothers, their thoughts return to each other.

Susanna comes across an unusual sight in the orchard while collecting apples. A haggard young lady with no shoes. Looks like she is homeless or on the run but it is clearly evident that she is terrified of being found. Later on the girl turns up at her home. After realizing Dotty is a runaway indentured servant, Susanna turns to Ben for advice.

Hedlund knows how to weave a great story into the Historical facts of this nation.

Thank you to Bethany House, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest opinion.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Change of Fortune

I have found another author that I truly like!!

Jen Turano

Her writing is exciting, hilarious, romantic, adventurous...

I started her books (unknowingly) out of order. I started with the second one, realized it was part of a series, went back and read the pre-novel, grabbed "A Change of Fortune" (nabbed it while on sale!) read through it rather quickly. So hard to put down.

Miss Eliza Sumner starts out in the book portraying a governess. She is on a mission to find the man that defamed her family, stole her inheritance, and is posing with a made up title. The man she was engaged to left when her fortune did.

She has the misfortune of being put into a hideous dress while trying to remain in disguise and made to attend a dinner that would put her in the path of Mr. Hamiliton Beckett. She is continually tripping, her dress tearing and falling apart, but she has caught his attention and learns in the process where the man is that she has been hunting for.

Eliza and Hamiliton soon discover after she lands in jail and he bails her out that they share a common trouble maker. She is bent on reclaiming her fortune; he wants to discover the man sabotaging his business.

An absolute, delightful read.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fired Up

 I was hopeful when it came to Mary Connealy's newest book, "Fired Up"

To be honest, I had to make myself keep going back to finish this read. I got frustrated with the fact that Dare continually thinks of himself as a fruad by calling himself a Doctor. He's giving up to be a rancher. Truth be told, he is the closet thing to a doctor in that area. If not for him,  some would be in foul shape.

I thought the interaction between Vince and Tina was funny. He took her sign, she is mad and chasing him, she has to make another sign...

A crazy woman tries to kill the doctor. Just biding her time playing with knives.

Good book, not great, but good over all.

Allowed to read by the publisher for an honest opinion.


I recently read a book by the title of Blackmoore. When I have access to my computer files again, I can do the post better justice. You know, pictures, etc.

Any who... I had never read anything by this author and pleasantly surprised. Julianne Donaldson. She has another book out by the title Edenbrooke, which just so happens to be on sale right now.

I believe this might be of the Regency period. The ladies were properly dressed, there were balls to attend, servants...

A very clean write. The main female character had some growing up to do, but don't we all. Her mother, on the other hand, seemed to be more of a rouge than the men were. Conniving and manipulative.

Nice to see that Kate stood up for herself and took control of her life.

Sad to know that you deeply care for someone only to find out that if the one that you love marries you that he will lose everything. I would sacrifice as well...


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