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I am telling you, Chanda Hahn is a fantastic writer. Her latest in the Unfortunate Fairy Tale series does not disappoint. Even with Mina taking on her ever moody roll, the secondary characters and their scenes with her make a very entertaining tale.

Mina has tried her best to completely ignore the curse. The story continues to throw things her way but she wants no part of it. But that decision has a horrific ending. she has to deal with a gut-wrenching loss, losing almost everything she owns.

There are so many twist in this book. I flew through the book. (Really must go back and reread.) She discovers so much more about the curse, the Grimms, the Fae and their plane.

Like the previous two books, this is a great read. It has humor (Mina and Jared's scenes are hilarious), action, and a great story line with shocking twists! Mina is such a great heroine, and there isn't a moment where I'm not rooting for her to break the curse. Her situation is so crazy, and I love how she deals with it because she loves her family.

If you have not read any of these books, I would definitely recommend reading them!

Expectantly waiting for more!

The Inventions of Sarah Cummings

Sarah is a young parlor maid that was orphaned as a child. After she was too old to stay at the orphange, she was sent into service. She worked her way up to the parlor maid position, but has no plans to remain in service. She dreams to find a role in upper class society.

Sarah has become an accomplished seamstress but longs for a life other than her own. When caught off guard in a boutique she invents for herself a new name - Serena Cuthbert. Along with this new name and in her finer "duds" that she herself has made, she spins a tale far removed from her everyday life to sneak her way into society and the hopes of a wealthy marriage. However, she still has to lead a double life. Her new life and her duties as a maid. Now she has a role of teaching a sewing classes for the girls at the orphanage where she grew up.

My opinion of Sarah is not the best. Granted, she had her good moments. At times in our life, we are all as driven as Sarah was, but due to her choices and the motives behind them, it is also hard to actually like her. Her deception was purely for her own personal gain. For those that come to know her, she sets a bad example. She comes to realize this and much more. Finally, she sees the light of day.

Even though I struggled to like the main character, and eventually did in the end, this was still a good book and I will look for others by this author.

The Christmas Quilt

I thought the story of the Amish nurse Annie in "A Simple Amish Christmas" was good. Little did I know there was a sequel to it by the name of "The Christmas Quilt". Truly a touching story.

Annie are her sister-in-law are both expecting. Leah is pregnant with twins and due to deliver in less than two months. Annie and Leah are as close as sisters. Annie has been planning to make a quilt for Leah's twins, but is slow in starting it. Just as she finally has all of the fabrics and is ready to begin when Leah goes into early labor. With the stressful situation and the twins still young, Leah is taken to a hospital quite a ways from her husband. It just so happens to be the hospital that Annie trained and worked at to be a nurse.

Leah's husband, Adam has daily farm necessities to tend to, and with Annie's nursing experience he agrees for his sister to stay with Leah at the hospital. With much time on their hands Leah and Annie work on the quilt while they share their deepest feelings, and pray for God's presence in their lives. Each square has a special significance. They tell a story to coincide with the fruits of the spirit.

Wonderful book!

A Simple Amish Christmas

Annie Weaver has been away from home, learning to be a nurse. After learning that her father was in an accident, she returns home to care for her father. Her family and friends do not know that she has trained and is certified to be a nurse. At least her father gets the best care she's capable of providing.

Now that she is home she decides this is where she is meant to be. She's where she belongs, and has no plans to leave again. As she settles back into the lifestyle she was born to, she prays that God will find a way for her to use her medical training in the community.

Samuel lost his wife and baby years ago. He seems older than he really is and seems to be a grump. After meeting Annie, he starts to feel things that he hasn't in a long while. It takes no time at all for him to recognize her obvious talent in the medical field, and not much longer to realize she's stolen his heart.

This story is well written. The story flows well and is enjoyable to read. A really good book.

The Christmas Visitor

Ruth was recently widowed. Now, alone with six kids, she struggles to make ends meet. Life is a constant worry for her. Even when she knows that she shouldn't worry, she does.

Everyone is helpful, but raising the kids on her own is taxing. Each child deals with the death of their father in different ways.

There is a handsome newcomer to her community.  But Ruth doesn't have time to think on such things. Besides, how could she, replace Ben? Does one ever replace a husband? How would another man take own her whole family?

As Christmas approaches, Ruth knows that she can’t afford gifts for her children this year. It’s hard enough to find money for groceries each week. But then banana boxes full of food, treats for the children, and even money begin to appear on her front porch. Who is leaving her these generous gifts? Is it a neighbor or a friend?

The story could be a great one. The writing of it though, needs some help. I don't like to put down books, I really don't, but there was much spice to the story. It was mediocre. Some descriptions were great, others lacking.

Has potential.

The Healers Apprentice

Rose is an apprentice to the local healer. Though she seems squimish with the sight of blood, she is determined to stick it out.

The Duke's son s, Wilhelm and his younger brother, have been away at school. Wilhelm has been searching for the man that has threatened his betrothed and has yet to find the man. Nor has he laid eyes on his betrothed for the fact that her family has hidden her away for fear of this threat.

Rose meets Wilhelm after he is gored by wild boars and is brought to the healer to be stitched up. There is a connection there, but he far out ranks her. Wilhelm's brother doesn't seem to care though; he has eyes for Rose, but how honorable are they.

Meanwhile, after spending time with Wilhelm, Rose finds herself falling in love with him, just as he falls for her. Both know that it can never be since he is betrothed.

Soon, though, the one he is to marry is to come out of hiding and be brought for marriage. Just who is the betrothed, where has she been, and will he eventually love her as much as he loves Rose?

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The Merchants Daughter

10742462Annabel had been the daughter of a wealthy merchant. The father died, the ships, destroyed, and the family, except Annabel are lazy and won't work as they should. Her brother tried to arrange for Annabel to marry the horrid bailiff Tom. He used to be her fathers friend, but he terrifies her. So, Annabel takes the "punishment" for the family" and becomes a servant to Lord le Wyse, who everyone seems to think is terrifying, but will not mistreat his servants.

Lord le Wyse is frightening to look at; with a patch on one eye and numerous scars covering his body, along with a arm that he doesn't seem to have use of. His mannerism leaves Annabel uneasy in his presence. She has heard terrible rumors about him. She thinks he is tormented from what ever disfigured him.

Annabel wishes to become a nun so that she can read the Word of God. God answers her prayers in a different way when she is given an opportunity to read the Bible to Lord le Wyse every evening. She begins to see a different side of him, and he sees the difference in her.

Loosely tied to Beauty and the Beast, but a blessing in disguise.


12820360Marianne Deventry has been seperated from her father and sister after the death of her mother. She is staying with her grandmother in and is bored with life at the moment. She misses her family. Just when she feels like giving up hope, a letter and invitation arrives from her sister to come stay with Cecily and her new found friend Louisa at her family estate of Edenbrooke. Marianne is thrilled because she'll see Cecily again and meet Louisa's older brother who Cecily plans on marrying.

On the way, a highway man tries to rob her carriage. He gets away with her necklace, the last thing to remind her of her mother, and the driver is shot. Marianne has to drive the team and finally comes to an Inn.

Here she meets Philip. After a strange introduction to him and even stranger day and evening, she finally makes her way to Edenbrooke the next day. She does not expect to meet mysterious Philip again, but, there he is. Philip loves to torment and tease her.

Marrianne spends a great deal of time with Phillip before her sister arrives. She enjoys his company and he seems to enjoy hers. What Marrianne does not know it that he is Louise's older brother. The same older brother Cecily is in love with and wants to marry.

I enjoyed Edenbrooke more than Blackmoore.

A Talent for Trouble

I tell you, if you have yet to read Jen Turano's books, you are missing out. I have actually laughed out loud in public reading these books and this one is no exception!

I can honestly say that it was absolutely a delightful read. You could read any of these books them as stand alone read, but you would miss out on so much. These seemingly "ladies" are so quirky and can't stay out of trouble no matter what.

The leading lady in this particular read would be Miss Felicia Murdock who world has crumbled. She had her heart set of a minister that she thought God was telling her was the man for her. He married someone else. She spent four years of her life dressing in horrendous dresses, yet acting demure, polite, and "civilized" trying to obtain his affections. After the ministers marriage, her mother tells her it is time put away the outlandish dresses and go back to acting for normal self. Oh Boy!! Does she ever! Suddenly she has blossomed and every man has their eyes on her.

Grayson Sumner, who always suspected there was more to Felicia than she let on, notices her now in a big way. He tries not to, but it is beyond his ability not to. She keeps getting into trouble and he seems to always be there to rescue her. He has a past that is about to catch up to him, and he doesn't want to bring her into it.

I am ready to re-read all of her books. They are simply that good. For clean, laugh out loud where ever you are fun, try the books from Jen Turano.


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