Thursday, October 16, 2014

Steel Lily

I must admit, I pick up Steel Lily because one, it was free, and two, I loved the cover. Something about the cover drew me in.

This is the first time I have read anything by Megan Curd. This is like her own spin off of the Hunger Games and Divergent. The only reason I mention these type books is because there are Domes in which these people live in after World War III destroyed the atmosphere with radiation. Now, only Dome 4, the home of Avery Pike, is left. All others have collapsed. They only hear what the government want them to know. There are the elite and wealthy, then there are the traditionals and poor.

Avery Pike would be considered an elite if she would take on that title. The radiation affected her in a way that she turn water into steam, a viable commodity considering this is the domes only source of power. The steam allows clean air to be filtered through the dome. Basically they are living in a tent with no clean air.

Avery snubs her nose at the life of the elite. To be so important to the domes way of life, she is treated horribly from those that use her or jealous of her.

Suddenly all this orphan knows is turned upside down. She is taken from one dome to another, yes, others still exist. Only problem is, not everything shiny and new makes for a better life. Has she escaped one prison for another?

And guess what, there are Zombies! I mean Zeros...

I liked the book so much that I picked up the next one...The Iron Pendulum. $2.99 on Amazon. At least I didn't have to break the bank to bad to continue with this saga.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trading Secrets

There was a sweet innocence to this book, Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson. Two pen pals that have been writing one another since 5th chance a meeting. As the book title  suggest, secrets are to be had. Can you ever keep a secret when the challenge arises that you have the chance to be forthcoming and be honest with yourself and others, or do you continue to hide.

Micah can't help the name that her mother gave her. It is not her fault that the amish teacher removed her picture before distributing the first pen pal letters. Micah, a bit of a tomboy in 5th grade enjoyed being outdoors, flying kites and talking about the planes that her dad flies. When her pen pal Zach assumes that she is a boy, Micah never lets on, now they are 18 years old, no longer in the 5th grade. When the opportunity arises during her High School Spring Break for her to meet Zach face to face, she has to either expose the truth or try to hide who she is.

Zach being amish struggles with the requirement to conform. He is in the deciding years of venturing out on his own or joining the amish church. Does he follow his dreams, or does he stick with what he has always know. A pregnant mare in trouble may be the deciding factor.
Great read even though the ending of the book left you wanting to know more. Where do these two friends go from here?
Received this book from the publisher for my honest opinion and review.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Accidentally Married

Another new author for me and I think I will search out more from her. I loved this book! It is filled with funny moments that had me laughing out loud and there are tense moments to keep you interested in what will happen next. Clean, great read!

Madison is an actress (well trying/wants to be) and she needs a job. She hears of a possible job and goes to apply. The owner of the company has a different need a fake girlfriend. He needs one in time for a family gathering. This is not the job Madison had in mind, but she is a actress, so this should not be that hard. One thing though, don't make her mad, she knows how to get revenge. Problem is, she took things a little too far to get back at him and now they are "engaged" with a "fake" wedding fastly approaching.

What neither of them tell the other is that by the time the wedding comes around, they want the fake to be real...

I loved this book, downright hilarious, grinned through the whole thing and I didn't want to stop reading.

Was wonderfully allowed to read this book for my honest opinion, so there you have it. LOVED IT!!

All for a Story

All for a Story was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun read while being funny and exciting at times. but some books feel like the author gets tired of writing the ending gets a bit rushed. This felt like one of those books. I agree with another remove that I saw  and I wish that the author had fleshed out the  development on Monica's new found faith and Max's place in her life. I guess the author could do a spin off to show how their relationship develops and how the "new" Capital Chatter fares.

Monica enjoys her lifestyle for the most part. I personally think she is craved for attention and flapper lifestyle and the makings of it give her the attention she desires. The author laid it out there for all to see (read :)) Thankfully, no thorny details there.

Max's character is a little tougher to grasp. I think his previous employer a bit kooky, but Max is wholesome and I like how he is trying to turn the stance of the paper around.

This is the first book by Allison Pittman that I have read. I may try to search out some of her other books to see how the others fare.

I received this book for a fair and honest opinion from NetGalley.

Love in the Balance

Love in the Balance is a continuation of the series that began with Sixty Acres and a Bride. (If you have not read Sixty Acres and a Bride, you ought to do yourself a favor and check it out, kind of a retelling of Ruth's story from the bible with little comical twist along the way. At the beginning of the book, you can tell this young lady is totally wrapped up in her own little world. By the way, you meet Molly in that first book. As you continue to read, you realize that the snotty brat persona has been shaped due to the expectations/ideas of her family. She carries the burdens of expectation with her throughout the book. She faces some horrible circumstances later on due to miscommunication and sickness. Through God's grace you discover a completely different Molly who shows us not only the power of love and grace, but forgiveness that God gives us.

This book gives us Bailey which is a wonderful reminder that when we feel led by the to Lord, we need to stick to what we believe and not give in. Even though he may love one, the love of the Lord and looking for guidance reigns above all. He knows that in time, with God's help, he will be able to win over Molly's family and over come the expectations they have for her. If only he can get Molly on board and get her to cooperate.

Great book. All kinds of twist and turns and frustrations to work through. By the way, just wanted to ring Edward's neck!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House for review purposes but the opinions and review are my own.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

13 Little Blue Envelopes

I just finished reading the book 13 Little Blue Envelopes. The concept just sounds like it would be something fun do one these days. Imagine opening up an envelope that is sending you to a different country, (London, England, Greece, etc.), no electronic gadgets, no money, and you have to follow directions laid out before you in the envelopes. You have to rely on that and your wits. You have to rely on your ability to navigate and think things through. Each envelope is only to be opened when the task in the current one has been completed. You are totally dependent on what you can carry on your back and the resources provided for you. I imagine you would learn a lot about yourself in a situation such as this.

It was a good story, some things confusing though. I personally would NOT let my seventeen/eighteen year old daughter travel around the world by herself. Nope, not happening. Especially not knowing someone nor having modern electronic means of communication. Not that I am a gadget, techie, type of person. But, you know.

Decent read. Wouldn't mind reading the follow-up to this book - The Last Little Blue Envelope.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

Karen Witemeyer does her research, but that is not all. She gives us a hint at her God given talent every time she releases a new book. This time is no exceptions. She manages to wow me with yet another awesome story.

Full Steam Ahead is full of history, well defined settings, delightful characters, and the thing that centers all of her books; her strong faith in Christ.

Nicole is smart and sassy, a pirate and a believer, family oriented and brave to a fault. She meets up quiet unexpectedly with Darius, a man with something to prove. He is on a quest and lets nothing stand in his way, not even food or sleep

I loved how she brought Darius around to see the plan God had for him.

The only thing, Karen kind of left us hanging. Even though the ending was great, I still wanted Nicole to be able to regain that which had been lost. She realizes it is not as important as it once was, but still yet, you feel for her.

I received a complementary copy of A Match of Wits from the publisher for review. Not paid, just honest. :)

A Match of Wits

I know it has been a while since I have posted a review. But I have to tell you, Jen Turano has forced me out of hiding! I love her books!!

I just finished reading A Match of Wits; and I have to say this book had me laughing out loud at the disturbance of my poor husbands sleep. (Which made me turn the light off and try to settle down to sleep. Hard to do, but I sincerely tried.) I got agitated in some areas of the book when characters hit stumbling blocks. A book that kept me turning pages.

Agatha Watson is a journalist hiding behind a mans names. She is brilliant at what she does. Problem is that what she writes about seems to have antagonized someone and they have threatened her life. While on a journey west to gather stories to send back to the paper (and give the adversary time to cool down) Agatha runs into one person she never expected to see.

This tale is wrapped in adventure, funny ones at that, love, friendship, a comical pet, and a woman that lets nothing stand in her way. Truly a fantastic book and one that I would definitely recommend.

To truly enjoy this book, I would recommend reading them in order.

Gentleman of Her Dreams (A Novella to get you started)
A Change of Fortune
A Most Peculiar Circumstance
A Talent for Trouble
A Match of Wits

I received a complementary copy of A Match of Wits from the publisher for review. Not paid, just honest. :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Time is like that of a dandelion

Little girl blowing a dandelion  by RamonFelinto
Time is like that of a dandelion
by Tonya Wagoner

Young and beautiful, youthful and fun.

They stand out in color as yellow as the sun

As they grow older and wiser with time

Their seeds they do scatter around them to climb.

Flying on the wings of the wind

Those seeds find their own homes to tend.


As we grow, we have kids of our own,

We watch them grow and scatter from home.

If we plant the seeds of God and His word

They will grow up in His joy and mirth.


So the next time you see a dandelion all cottony and white

Think of your kids and pray with all of your might.

Place them in God’s hands and He will help them to grow

Just as He did with the seeds your parents did sow.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Weeks to 10 Years Younger

This lady in her 50s has an awesome body. This may be what the Lord intended for us to look like and how to treat our bodies. Not many of us do. Everyone lives a different life style. I am in a busy and hectic point in my life with a family, church, a full-time job, etc. I do what I can when I can and make it through each day with the good Lord's help.

This book has a lot of good information. You would have to be at the extreme point in your life that you would be willing to do anything to follow each and every step she list. I come away with some great advice on how to start improving life, but I am not at the point to ditch my entire kitchen. I have a family that would have to be totally on board with this process. And I do mean TOTALLY!

Good luck to those that are able to do that. I commend you for it. I will have to be satisfied just to move more, drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, try, try, try to cut out/back the sugar intake.

Thank you the the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Longing for home, yet hope springs.

Longing for home, yet hope springs where it was unexpected.

For a woman that pushed everyone away, she suddenly finds friends and love on the line. The feuding continues and will do so until someone gets hurt. Discrimination against someone is a hard thing to understand but Eden describes it and twist this tell so well. I I became upset with these people and wanted their fighting to end.

Katie is determined to do all she can for the Irish friends she has come to know and love. She does somthing no one else has been able to. She breaks down the barriers a little by deciding to work for the store keeper who keeps raising the prices for the Irish. Well, that was a battle in itself, but she is a smart one. He is such a mean man.

Joseph has to do the thing he wanted to avoid the most. Call it all in. Irish and Reds will all suffer, but he feels it is the only way to get their attention.
I can't tell you much more because I want you to read it for yourself and love it as much as I do. It is such a fantastic love story of hope and courage.

Pick this series up if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

News Worthy...Lessman's new book

Cover ArtDare to Love Again.

To see another Lessman book is available is the delight of my day! I absolutely could not wait to read the newest book. Julie did not let me down, she is blessed and very talente!. I love it!

Some people are just bound for trouble, Allison would be one of them. A passionate person with a zeal for life. She loves her students and feverously works to teach them a better way of life. Nick, bull headed to say the least; doesn't take to kindly to be whooped with a stick either. Loved it. With tempers flaring, nicknames of all grades, wonderfully smart wit and and tongues a flying (in smart and witty ways), and of course love on the horizon.

Still waiting to see what will happen with Logan and Cait, please don't leave us in suspense long.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What have I read lately?

To name a few would be ...

Draw of Kings
Veiled Rose
Dare to Love Again
A Match Made in Texas
The Promise
When Love Calls
Making Waves
A Great Catch
All the Paths of Shadow

Problem? I haven't taken the time to review them.Slap my hand; I have not been a reliable reviewer. I just get so wrapped up in reading that I forget to jot down my thoughts before I am off again into story.


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