Thursday, August 28, 2014

13 Little Blue Envelopes

I just finished reading the book 13 Little Blue Envelopes. The concept just sounds like it would be something fun do one these days. Imagine opening up an envelope that is sending you to a different country, (London, England, Greece, etc.), no electronic gadgets, no money, and you have to follow directions laid out before you in the envelopes. You have to rely on that and your wits. You have to rely on your ability to navigate and think things through. Each envelope is only to be opened when the task in the current one has been completed. You are totally dependent on what you can carry on your back and the resources provided for you. I imagine you would learn a lot about yourself in a situation such as this.

It was a good story, some things confusing though. I personally would NOT let my seventeen/eighteen year old daughter travel around the world by herself. Nope, not happening. Especially not knowing someone nor having modern electronic means of communication. Not that I am a gadget, techie, type of person. But, you know.

Decent read. Wouldn't mind reading the follow-up to this book - The Last Little Blue Envelope.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

Karen Witemeyer does her research, but that is not all. She gives us a hint at her God given talent every time she releases a new book. This time is no exceptions. She manages to wow me with yet another awesome story.

Full Steam Ahead is full of history, well defined settings, delightful characters, and the thing that centers all of her books; her strong faith in Christ.

Nicole is smart and sassy, a pirate and a believer, family oriented and brave to a fault. She meets up quiet unexpectedly with Darius, a man with something to prove. He is on a quest and lets nothing stand in his way, not even food or sleep

I loved how she brought Darius around to see the plan God had for him.

The only thing, Karen kind of left us hanging. Even though the ending was great, I still wanted Nicole to be able to regain that which had been lost. She realizes it is not as important as it once was, but still yet, you feel for her.

I received a complementary copy of A Match of Wits from the publisher for review. Not paid, just honest. :)

A Match of Wits

I know it has been a while since I have posted a review. But I have to tell you, Jen Turano has forced me out of hiding! I love her books!!

I just finished reading A Match of Wits; and I have to say this book had me laughing out loud at the disturbance of my poor husbands sleep. (Which made me turn the light off and try to settle down to sleep. Hard to do, but I sincerely tried.) I got agitated in some areas of the book when characters hit stumbling blocks. A book that kept me turning pages.

Agatha Watson is a journalist hiding behind a mans names. She is brilliant at what she does. Problem is that what she writes about seems to have antagonized someone and they have threatened her life. While on a journey west to gather stories to send back to the paper (and give the adversary time to cool down) Agatha runs into one person she never expected to see.

This tale is wrapped in adventure, funny ones at that, love, friendship, a comical pet, and a woman that lets nothing stand in her way. Truly a fantastic book and one that I would definitely recommend.

To truly enjoy this book, I would recommend reading them in order.

Gentleman of Her Dreams (A Novella to get you started)
A Change of Fortune
A Most Peculiar Circumstance
A Talent for Trouble
A Match of Wits

I received a complementary copy of A Match of Wits from the publisher for review. Not paid, just honest. :)


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