Thursday, October 16, 2014

Steel Lily

I must admit, I pick up Steel Lily because one, it was free, and two, I loved the cover. Something about the cover drew me in.

This is the first time I have read anything by Megan Curd. This is like her own spin off of the Hunger Games and Divergent. The only reason I mention these type books is because there are Domes in which these people live in after World War III destroyed the atmosphere with radiation. Now, only Dome 4, the home of Avery Pike, is left. All others have collapsed. They only hear what the government want them to know. There are the elite and wealthy, then there are the traditionals and poor.

Avery Pike would be considered an elite if she would take on that title. The radiation affected her in a way that she turn water into steam, a viable commodity considering this is the domes only source of power. The steam allows clean air to be filtered through the dome. Basically they are living in a tent with no clean air.

Avery snubs her nose at the life of the elite. To be so important to the domes way of life, she is treated horribly from those that use her or jealous of her.

Suddenly all this orphan knows is turned upside down. She is taken from one dome to another, yes, others still exist. Only problem is, not everything shiny and new makes for a better life. Has she escaped one prison for another?

And guess what, there are Zombies! I mean Zeros...

I liked the book so much that I picked up the next one...The Iron Pendulum. $2.99 on Amazon. At least I didn't have to break the bank to bad to continue with this saga.


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