Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Worthy Pursuit by Karen Witemeyer

It is hard for Charlotte to trust. No wonder, all things steady in her life are ripped away each time. Her loving, dotting father, gone. The thought to be love of her life, gone. Her job that she is devoted to and loves dearly, gone. The one and only constant in her life, God.

Charlotte becomes the mother hen of some very exceptional children, will fiercely protect them. Her helper Dobson will protect them all, especially from an intruder that has intentions of taking the daughter that Charlotte thought she would never have. What will she do to stop him? Charlotte has some decisions to make quickly before her nest falls apart.

Stone is like a hound dog, hot on the trail of a would be kidnapper. What right did the kidnapper have of making off with his clients granddaughter in the middle of the night. They have disappeared without a trace. But what Stone sets out to retrieve, he always finds and brings home.

It will take more than brawn and a sure shot to wrap this job up. Stone will have to use his quick wits to assess the situation before everything quickly rolls out of control. He will battle it out physically, mentally and spiritually to set things right in the end.

I truly enjoyed Karen Witemeyer's book, A Worth Pursuit. Two people who thought they had their life in order will soon discover that God has other plans. Time to ruffle a few feathers and get some dander up because Karen has wrote another wonderful story.

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