Thursday, March 31, 2016

No other will do...Karen Witemeyer

Yes, yes yes!! Karen Witemeyer has done it again! I just love this author and I wait oh so patiently, not, for her next books. From beginning to end, she holds my attention.

We begin our journey with a young man that has seen the unpleasant side of life. His angel of mercy rescues him, and her aunts say that she can keep him. Got to love it! He discovers that value of family only to have to abandon the only true family he has come to know and love, but they have instilled some very important values in him and made an everlasting impression on his life.

When his angel of mercy calls upon him a decade later in a desperate time of need, he does not hesitate, he heeds her call. She is fighting for her life and her dream and trust no other to help her.

The danger continually escalates with each passing incident. With each passing day and time spent together the sweet, lovable connection and need for one another grows even though neither want to admit their growing feelings for the other.

Ms Witemeyer has brought about a well rounded book that brings in compassion, understanding, Godly values, history, humor, excitement, tension, everything. There weren't any dull moments of predictability or lulls. She keeps you on your toes as everything seamlessly falls together. She hooks you from the beginning and you are on for the ride. Wonderfully explosive characters balanced well with the more sedate ones. A God given talent.

Wonderfully written and will read it and others again.

I was granted permission to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion. What a privilege!

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