Friday, October 14, 2016


If you have wondered around the web much lately, especially blog sites, you may notice some of the things that I have. A lack of simplicity. I love to search for information, pictures, ideas...but in my search, I am bombarded with adds, pop ups, what ever you want to name here. I personally call it web junk. I don't want to wait forever and a day for a simple article to pull up. I don't want to click through multiple arrows just the advance one picture or paragraph at a time. All the while doing so, my computer, phone, tablet trying to lock down because the sites are over loading it. I guess that is why I have not posted much lately to this blog. I became overwhelmed thinking maybe I should be these gidgets and gadgets to my site. But how?

Decision made. I will just keep it simple. Not much in life is simple anymore. I can at least keep this as simple or convoluted as I want. I am probably the only one coming back here to look at my pictures and books anyway. :)

So, I will restart on my book review journey. It won't matter what type of book I read, I will post a review if only to refresh my memory of those books read. I will venture out and post any sort of thing that I might think helpful or enjoyable, if only for myself.

A picturesque hide-a-way to go read my books and forget about my chores.

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