A fall themed wedding cake.

Marshmellow Fondant from the recipe that I found here. Peggy Weaver's recipe was a God send. The best tasting and easy to work with. I did not like the taste of store bought fondant. I was determined to find something I could easily cake the had a great taste. Can't keep my little man out of it. All the decorations but the ribbon are made of fondant.Vanilla Cake.

Strawberry Cake
For a church picnic. Freshly picked strawberries to go in my "basket".

Chocolate Birthday 
My mother-in-law's chocolate on chocolate birthday cake.

She said that it looked to good to eat.

Buttercream Anniversary
 An anniversary cake for my dear husband. Buttercream icing to give it that buttery tinge, royal icing flowers, and whimsical swirls.


Zoo Animals Baby Shower Cake
Baby shower cake. I went by a napkin that they gave me to base the design on. I wrapped the animals down the sides of the cake.

Cars Race Track
My sons third birthday. Talk about a looong night. I think I finished at 1am. Of course, I got started late so that I would be able to surprise him.Oreo cookie track, M&M's lining the track. A raised winners circle. Oreo's all around. He was estatic!!! He has asked for a repeat of this cake ever since!


50th Anniversary Cake
Two layer, two tiered, graduated square 50th wedding anniversary cake. They wanted the top tier off set, not directly centered and the based of the board to look like a napkin. This cake was much larger than the first wedding cake and talk about nerves!!! I had to stop in the middle of the decorating and make more marshmellow fondant.

When it came time to deliver, I sat in the back seat while my husband drove. The only way to get there was a wonder curvy road. I just knew that it would never make it. I had never had that tall of a cake and had to use dowell rods to support all the weight. Thankfully we made it with no problem. Learning lesson to say the least.

Tombstone Cake
Poor Karen. Never fun getting older, and then your co-workers order a tombstone cake like this. I hope this doesn't happen to me on those milestone years. Even if it does, I will grin and enjoy every year I have had here above ground. I marbled the icing. It actually was gray, but in the picture it looks green. Hummm.

Carrot Cake anyone?
A 50th birthday cake.  A scrumdillyuptuois carrot cake. There was not a crumb left!! I will have to find that recipe and post it here. Mental note....


Bob the Builder..
This was a bit challenging, but still fun to make. Problem. Can you spot it? Yes, that is exactly the problem! And why I missed it while decorating, I will never know. To this day, this cake still bothers me when I see pictures. I was so intent on getting it right that I didn't realize that the design did not line up straight with the board. I should have shifted one more side over one way or the other.


Another carrot cake. How could you tell?

Cake walk cake. I like basket weave, but rarily have a chance to do it.

Baby shower. Two toned cake. I believe that was a first for me.

Red Velvet cake with yummy cream cheese icing. I thought this one turned out very pretty almost classy.

Retired navy man. He wanted the light weight, fluffy icing. That took some doing. I am used to the same decorator icing recipe. This type took some getting used to.

Chocolate Deer Cake
We had a little hunter that wanted a deer on his cake.

Cake Auction cakes
Chocolate on Chocolate. Sure to make any kid hyper!

 Just played around with this one to try something different. 

Carolina Cake.
50th Birthday for a tarheel fan. This is a red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. Color flow UNC for the top. Added little "tarheels" to the sides of the cake.

Marshmellow Fondant Sports Themed Baby Shower cake.
Took awhile but I finally got it to look like the napkin that they gave me to go by.

Baby Shower Train cake.
So tempted to put "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Baby coming thru." Didn't think the mom to be would like that. :)

Halloween Cupcakes
Actully for a birthday party. There were a lot of fun to make.


A "Pancake" Cake
Made with marshmallow fondant.

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